Friday, October 15, 2010

The Little Angels visit Luxembourg on the 60th anniversary of the Korean War

On September 18, 2010 the Little Angels Cultural Dance Troupe, founded by Sun Myung Moon, and promoted by the Korean Cultural Foundation, the Government of Korea, and a swarm of corporate sponsors stopped in Luxembourg as part of a 16 nation tour to honor the veterans of of the Korean War who fought as a United Nations alliance under US command to protect the free and democratic south from the aggression of Kim Il Sung's North Korea, The Soviet Union, and China.

There is much to say about the war, and about the remarkable gesture of gratitude exhibited in this major global undertaking to thank these honorable veterans as they move into their 80's and 90's and slowly lose their life long friends once again.

These young ladies who make up the Little Angels are exquisite ambassadors of gratitude from a nation that has risen from the ashes to become an important contributor to world culture.

It is true that many of these children might not even be alive were it not for the valiant sacrifice and devotion of these soldiers fighting and dying in a strange and far off land.

The visit of the Little Angels in Luxembourg was a grand affair, endorsed by the nation's prime minister and attended by the international diplomatic corps, and Luxembourg's political, social, cultural, and business leaders.

Much about the visit, and on many distinct occasions the impact was deeply moving; often tugging at the heart and moving to tears.

On this site however, I wish simply to show some images of the visit. It is a long sequence of photos. You can go to the site directly by clicking on the slide show if you prefer.

The Little Angels arrived, led by the head of the Korean Cultural Foundation, Mr. Bo Hi Pak. The little ones had a day of sight seeing, and then performed two ceremonies of commemoration, one at the Luxembourg war memorial, and the second at the US National Cemetary where General Patton is buried.

Mr. Pak and the visiting delegation offered a special luncheon for the veterans, and later that same evening Little Angels performed.

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