Thursday, June 10, 2010

Visionary of Peace Award

On Saturday, June 5, 2010, I was awarded the 2010 Visionary of Peace Award by the Interfaith Round Table of Ireland, the Inter Cultural Peace Center, and the Sheikh Satardien Justice and Peace Foundation

Other recipients included Professor Hamid bin Ahmad al-Rifaie and Dr Abdullah Omar Nasseef of Saudi Arabia.

The award was given as part of the 6th annual IRI interfaith peace conference, entitled Deity and Darwin.

Conference participation comprised an impressive collection of international and local leaders and scholars devoted to peace.

Some of the participants are seen here on the conference schedule:

Here are some pictures of the conference. The conference was attended by senior Catholic and Protestant clergy, as well as the Ambassador from Nigeria to Ireland:

While at the conference I delivered a paper on the conference theme.

A preliminary draft of this paper can be read here.

Conference organizers, particularly Sheikh Satardien generously supported my travel and lodging that allowed me to participate in this prestigious meeting.

But before the conference began, I was graciously hosted by Geoffrey Ross, the brother of a long time friend Peter.

My brief time with Geoffrey can be seen here


Tom Cutts said...

Congratulations, Frank, on the receipt of the Visionary of Peace Award.

edwin said...


Timothy Elder said...

Congratulations, Frank.

Jo Ann said...

Congratulations, Frank, on your award. If only the good will and understanding generated in meetings and places like this could filter down to the rest of the world, that would be great.
Jo Ann Crooks