Friday, March 13, 2009

Peace conference in Brno, Czech Republic

On Wednesday, March 11, 2009 I gave a morning and an afternoon presentation at the conference New Perspectives for the Development and Future of Europe and the World held in Brno, Czech Republic.

Presenters included Dr. Honoris Causa Professor Ing. Julius Alexy, CSc., professor of Economics at the University of Bratislava, and at Trencianskej University in Dubcek, Professor Dusan Luzny from the Religion and Philosophy faculty at Masarykovy University, Ing. Ivo Kaplan, from the UEF, and Ing. Zuheir Kotroch, and Dr. Juraj Lajda.

Professor Alexy presented an economic model that analyzes and responds to the current global, economic crisis, a model that properly takes into account dynamics unique to globalization. Professor Luzny in a tightly worked piece examined the shadows associated with religious identity from which violence can arise. Kaplan spoke on the role and relationship of spiritual and material dimensions of human social interaction, and posited ideas for a balance that can generate progressive and healthy societies. Kotroch detailed designs for interreligious cooperation from a Muslim perspective. Mr. Lajda presented a sweeping history, and rather large philosophical edifice for envisioning new directions for peace activisim.

My presentations also took up matters pertaining to religion and peace, and can be found here (<-- click) and here (<-- click). It was a joy and an honor to be present among influential leaders and thinkers from the region, sincere and devoted people who demonstrate strong commitment to virtue and to the ideals of peace. Here are a few pictures from this conference:


Timothy Elder said...

Frank, I don't know if I agree with your model of mental being the mediator between spiritual and physical. But if you can demonstrate that it works in real life, I would be much more likely to accept it. Can you give a real-world example -- Arab-Israeli conflict or some other -- where this model can be applied to reduce conflict?

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